How to wear modern jewellery with your wedding dress

Today’s blog comes to us from Heidi & Co, a jewellery brand with 3 separate brands within: Smeidi, Libby May and Evy B. Based here in the UK, their ethos is to create quality over quantity with sustainable, fashion forward pieces. Wearing modern jewellery with a wedding dress can be tricky, but we believe it looks great and is a good alternative to the classic pearls. Here is their take on what to wear with different looks.

There’s a definite link between weddings and jewellery, and engagement rings only scratch the surface. Recently, there was a story about a bride that made the news in several publications – what was newsworthy about her? Simply the fact that she DIDN’T wear any jewellery at her wedding.

How to wear modern jewellery with your wedding dress

That’s how intertwined jewellery is with special events, particularly when it involves romance and love between two people. So for a bride on her wedding day, picking the right pieces to go with her dream dress is a very important task. Considering that the Heidi & Co. labels are all about creating choice for chic and unique women, we wanted to see how this stood up for two very different kinds of brides.

So, picture the classic wedding dress. Who designs it? Chances are you said Vera Wang, right? We agree.

Now think of the opposite of a classic bride – do the words boho, alternative, or maybe rocker come to mind? The one-stop shop for each of these is Rock the Frock, an alternative bridal boutique that we’re kinda obsessed with. We borrowed some pieces from their capsule collection, and got to work.

So, the ingredients:

  • one vintage Vera Wang, complete with dance floor dirt from the night it was worn
  • two sets of separates from the fab Rock the Frock
  • all the gorgeous Heidi & Co. jewellery you can dream of

Modern jewellery with a classic wedding dress

How to wear modern jewellery with your wedding dress

This specific dress had to be paired with the Phoenix collection. Why? In literature, a Phoenix rises from the ashes to create something fiery and new and beautiful. In this analogy, let’s just say the dress is more like the ashes than the Phoenix.

How to wear modern jewellery with your wedding dress

The more dramatic silver pieces accent the simplicity of the bodice without drawing attention away from the full, dramatic skirt. They balance the top and bottom of the dress without completely disregarding its classic style. We added a Libby May choker prototype (look out for that next season) which accents our model Darcey’s décolletage without disrupting the smooth strapless neckline. Plus, these sterling silver pieces will last for decades, which means they’re the perfect “something new” for the classic or vintage bride (with a flair for originality).

How to wear modern jewellery with your wedding dress

How to wear modern jewellery with your wedding dress

Modern jewellery with an alternative wedding dress

With these outside-the-box bridal separates, we wanted to mix in a little bit of classic style with the jewellery – while still going for pieces that don’t necessarily scream “wedding” or “bride.” Mayfair, then, seemed like the way to go, because how often do you see a bride wearing a long necklace? Yet these luxury tassel pieces still have something classic to them in our eyes.

And honestly, we were surprised ourselves at how amazing everything looked together. The long sleeves and V-neck of the lace top worked so well with the length of the necklace, and the delicate chain accented the look without drawing away from the intricate detail of the lace.

How to wear modern jewellery with your wedding dress

When we added the Mayfair earrings, switched out the Mayfair Chain Necklace for the Mayfair Beaded Necklace (and switched out our “model” to our all-too-willing ops coordinator as well) we were still in love with the results. We loved how one collection and one bridal outfit provided two looks depending on the chunkiness of the jewellery.

How to wear modern jewellery with your wedding dress

How to wear modern jewellery with your wedding dress

Huge thanks to the team at Heidi & Co. for their ideas.


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