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How to choose a wedding cake when you have food intolerances. 

How to choose a wedding cake when you have food intolerances. 

Dietary restrictions e.g. dairy-free, egg-free etc have now become all too commonplace in our society.  But for some people these are not just a passing phase, they can be life-threatening and should therefore not be treated flippantly.  And with the reports of unnecessary deaths, it has never been more important to be satisfied with food safety.  However, this […] Read more…

Wedding Dress Shopping - Our Top Ten Tips When Shopping For Your Gown

Wedding Dress Shopping – Our Top Ten Tips and Advice

Wedding dress shopping can be both daunting and overwhelming. With so many options out there and with a million and one different things to inspire you, you can sometimes get lost in your vision of what you actually want, or what you think you want! It’s wise to set some ground rules, do your research […] Read more…

1960's Bridal Inspiration - A Charming Vintage Railway Shoot

Wedding Day Planning – Where To Start and What Should Be On Your List

Congratulations on your engagement! This is without doubt one of the most exciting periods of your life and you will want to shout the news from the rooftops or at least put into action the ‘we’re engaged’ ring shot that you’ve been planning in your head since forever!  Everyone will be excited by your news but remember to tell […] Read more…

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