4 Ideas To Consider If You Want To Run A Feminist Wedding Business  

So far in our Feminist Wedding series, we have shared ways that couples can be more feminist in their wedding and ways they can include equality for both partners and those involved. Today we are sharing ideas on how you can have a feminist wedding business and attract like minded customers.  


Whether you class yourself as a feminist or not, creating a world that is equal for everyone should surely be something you want to help make happen. It is also something that is important to many couples. We want to look at how we, as wedding businesses, can be more inclusive of these practices in our businesses – from the way we talk on our social media posts and blogs, to the things we put out there.  It is worth saying that it is not always easy to get right (we get it wrong!) but here are four ideas that will help show your couples that equality is important to you.


4 Ideas To Consider If You Want To Run A Feminist Wedding Business  

Are you discussing roles in a gender specific way?

If you read our blog on feminist wedding ceremonies then you will have heard a little about this. There is still a lot of gender-ising of the roles that you get in weddings and how we discuss these. Do you find yourself talking a lot about how brides have bridesmaids and it’s all about the girls? Maybe consider how a lot of friendship groups are a mix of all genders and often now, brides aren’t always having just the girls in their bridal party? So much out there is still discussing having hen dos that are female based. While of course, many hen dos will be 100% women, it is important to remember that both genders may be involved (and most won’t want candy pink accessories!).

Considering this going forward is just a way of creating equality for your feminist wedding business where people feel like their gender identity isn’t defining a role they play in somebody’s day. Also, there are more than two genders so being aware of this can really play a part in making people feel like equals.  




4 Ideas To Consider If You Want To Run A Feminist Wedding Business  

Research into wedding traditions and their origins  

This might seem like something you don’t feel you need to do as a wedding business. After all, we all grow up to consider what a ‘typical’ wedding should be like and a lot of us probably hadn’t considered the actual origins or meanings for a lot of the things we consider part of a typical wedding.  

Take a look into some research of the history of some wedding traditions. If you’ve read our feminism series so far you will have seen a few of these traditions and discussions on how they originated. A lot of these things we post out to couples about ideal scenarios are actually in favour of men. If, as a business, you do want to start sharing more feminist perspectives then looking at the background of things you talk about. 




Think about the language you use when you communicate

Ever used the word ‘Bridezilla’?  In whatever way it was mentioned, it is definitely a word that needs to be stopped being said. Not only does it paint brides as being crazy and overbearing – it’s not a feminist friendly word to describe someone planning their wedding day. The language you use in your feminist wedding business can have a real impact. It can affect how clients see you and also the type of business you get. If you really want to have that sense of feminism and equality then the words you use are the simplest way you can communicate this.  


It has to be said that a lot of the wedding industry is still predominantly aimed at women. Sometimes, the patriarchal past of wedding traditions can still creep in and form the basis of what we discuss and share. Are you talking in a way that places all genders as equal to one another?  So stop talking about losing weight and being your “best self” as again these outdated thoughts are only ever aimed at women.


Be open to different options 

We all have our own opinions on what we believe to be the perfect way to get engaged, the perfect wedding and everything in between. When it comes to discussing these topics as a business though, being open to the fact that not everyone may share your view or want to do things the way you do can be really beneficial.


There are still a lot of people who want a huge fairytale proposal and there is no harm in that. But realistically glamourising this as the perfect way to get engaged is not reflecting feminism. Our Unique Bride Club is filled with people who have got engaged in so many different ways. Some proposed to their partners ( and no, not on a leap year!), some of them had joint proposals that came from a really wonderful conversation, some of them did have a big proposal and some just made an on-the-spot decision. All of these are valid proposals. It also shows that nowadays people are more open to new traditions and ways of doing things, so as businesses we should be aware of this.


Plus, being open to a lot of these options shows that you are open to equality that it doesn’t have to be one person spending the money, making a huge plan and then ‘doing the deed’. Even just changing the words that you use can make it seem more equal, and it also links back to the first point of gender-ising who should typically be doing what.  


Equality in weddings and life is something that we believe to be really important. Something that we strive to continue talking about and raising awareness of at Magpie Wedding. If you would love to read more on our feminism series then take a look at our discussions. Plus if you want to read more about our values as a business then have a read of our values.




4 Ideas To Consider If You Want To Run A Feminist Wedding Business  



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