7 Ways To Use Pinterest For Your Wedding Business

We love Pinterest – so much so, that we manage the platform for multiple clients. This is because Pinterest is a great search engine so a really good way to connect your ideal customer; its a bit of key wedding business advice, that you should definitely use. And because it is a visual search engine, it is a load more fun for us creative types than the likes of Google! We are often asked what the point of Pinterest is and how will it help small businesses so here are 7 reasons why every wedding business should embrace Pinterest. And if you are new to Pinterest, read our blog How to set up a business Pinterest account here.


7 Ways To Use Pinterest For Your Wedding Business

Grow More Traffic To Your Website or Your Blog

As Pinterest is a visual search engine, the main reason you should be pinning is to entice pinners (viewers) through to your website, blog or podcast. It works like this – you create a cool graphic that clearly shows what your content is about and pin it ensuring the image links to your content. Ideally this content should help your ideal customer or client with any issues or questions that they have. When they then search the platform, your image comes up (if you have done all the right SEO), they find it and click through. Pinterest is the number one traffic source to our wedding business every month – it does work we promise!


Sell More Products

Working the same way as above – the idea is that your ideal customer sees your beautiful wedding images and clicks through to browse and then buy. If you have set up your pins as rich pins, they will clearly see that your item is for sale as it will show the price, description and shop button. Big brands now use Pinterest as an extension to their shop – so if they are doing it, then so should you! Everyone wants to make their wedding planning as simple and stress free as possible, and a lot of couples use Pinterest as a way of planning their wedding, so make it easy for them to get your product when they want it!


Share Your Expertise and Get Press

By highlighting your useful or inspirational content through header pins that link to your work, your ideal customer will see that you know your stuff. This worked for one of our blogs; Channel 4 featured our home having found us via Pinterest. Showing your expertise will also help you get more clients and sell more products.


Wedding Work: How To Set Up Your Wedding Business Pinterest Account In 5 Easy Steps

Communicate What Your Brand Is All About

Your Pinterest account should feature other people’s content as well as your own so that you create an account that showcases everything that is important to your brand. Look for that amazing dress designer that you love, that cake specialist that can offer something different, and put your amazing wedding knowledge out their for your customers to see.  It is a bit like creating your own magazine so choose your boards wisely. We would suggest having no more than 50 but you can have up to 500!


Conduct Customer Research

By reviewing your insights you can see which pins work best and which ones did badly. This can then help you to plan further content, either creating more pins that link to that particular blog or writing more on this topic. If your ideal customer wants to click through or pin it to their own boards, then they must love it!


Grow Your Email List

If you have a landing page that promotes an opt in or masterclass which then links to your mailing list, you should create header pins that link to it. This way you are pulling more traffic to your list which should be one of your top priorities. Want more help growing your email list? Read our blog 10 ways to get your ideal customer to join your email list here.


Wedding Work: How To Set Up Your Wedding Business Pinterest Account In 5 Easy Steps

Grow Other Social Media Traffic

Finally, Pinterest is a great way to grow other social media accounts such as Instagram or You Tube. Simply create graphics or pin your images directly from those accounts to encourage click throughs. While your priority is more than likely to grow website traffic, you can grow any traffic using Pinterest. If you use Tailwind – you can schedule your Instagram images directly. Sign up to a free trial of the Pinterest scheduling app, Tailwind here.


It really is a great platform for a wedding business and you should use it – if you want to be the first to hear about our new Pinterest course coming soon then join the Waiting List here. You’ll also get a copy of our Wedding Content Calendar to help you to plan your content for the year.




7 Ways To Use Pinterest For Your Wedding Business



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