Alternative Wedding Readings: Without You – RENT! The Musical

Choosing your wedding reading or poem can be tricky.  You want something that is personal to you but some couples maybe don’t have that. We are here to suggest something a bit different like
this beautiful reading from RENT! The Musical! Enjoy! And if you have any ideas about other alternative wedding readings, get in touch – we’d love to hear more!
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Without You – RENT! The Musical

Without you, the ground thaws

The rain falls, the grass grows

Without you, the seeds root

The flowers bloom, the children play

The stars gleam, the poet’s dream

The eagles fly, without you

The earth turns, the sunburns

But I die, without you

Without you, the breeze warms

The girl smiles, the cloud moves

Without you, the tides change

The boys run, the oceans crash

The crowd’s roar, the days soar

The babies cry, without you

The moon glows, the river flows

But I die, without you

The world revives, colors renew

But I know blue, only blue

Lonely blue, within me blue

Without you

Without you, the hand gropes

The ear hears, the pulse beats

Without you, the eyes gaze

The legs walk, the lungs breathe

The mind churns, the heart yearns

The tears dry, without you

Life goes on, but I’m gone

‘Cause I die without you

Without you, without you

Without you





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