Vintage lace for your wedding dress

Today we catch up with Sally Lacock who will be exhibiting with us in London on February 12th at Chiswick Town Hall to answer your questions about vintage lace.

Whether you are planning a vintage style wedding, a laid back country barn affair or you’re to be a boho bride on a beach it is likely you will have thought quite a bit about lace. Delicate, vintage lace defines the style of the free-spirited bohemian. It is romantic, nostalgic and utterly feminine and the textile that most brides-to-be would love to wear on their wedding day.

Working with finest quality French Leavers lace is the key to creating timeless, romantic dresses that capture a bohemian nostalgia.

Here Sally answers some questions about wearing lace and offers some useful styling tips

Can lace be too overpowering on some people?

On most girls a full lace dress is extraordinarily beautiful and will add a lovely nostalgic mood to a wedding, evoking the romance of a bygone era and lending a sense of the eternal to a memorable occasion. But if you’re hesitant about wearing head to toe lace you could try something with a bit of a modern twist on classic lace. For our bridal tops Lovage, Stevia and Juniper I’ve layered sheer silk georgette over lace to give a very subtle lace detailing. The result is a fresh and delicate look that hints at the intricate patterns of lace.

Photos by Alice Whtby

If you want to keep the lace subtle, pair it with a plain skirt, like our Thyme bridal skirt or if you’re feeling a bit bolder you could try it with a dramatic lace skirt. The Mace wedding skirt is inspired by an Edwardian riding skirt and is made from beautiful scallop lace. Breaking up the lace with a sheer silk will really lighten the look.

Photos by Alice Whtby

I have searched for vintage lace wedding dresses but nothing fits me

Vintage wedding dresses are wonderful and have inspired a lot of my designs. However because many of the ones that survive have been tailor-made for the bride, it can be difficult to find one to fit or even that can be altered to fit.

You will also often find proportions are all wrong for our modern eye. Necklines are usually too high, waists sit in the wrong place and busts are too big. This is not only because fashion has changed, but undergarments have too.

If you’re lucky enough to find a real vintage lace dress that has not turned to dust, a good dressmaker might be able to alter it to give you a better fit. But it will only work if the fit is not too far off in the first place.

I make it my mission to always to source the right type of lace for the particular era to ensure the dresses have a truly vintage, romantic feel to them. If expertly worked, it is possible to achieve a gorgeous authentic vintage look that fits to perfection.

Photos by Alice Whtby

Photos by Jeff Cottenden

Which bridal accessories are best paired with lace for a boho look?

Floral garlands particularly suit a country or outdoor boho wedding and look wonderful with lace. Many of our brides choose to accessorise with these as they produce such a relaxed, natural look.

Photo by Jeff Cottenden (left) and Fiona Kelly  (right)

Choose pieces made from vintage wax flowers and vintage millinery flowers as the colours have a softness that is difficult to find in modern items. Fresh flowers can be woven in too.

It really is about personal taste and the type of wedding you are having. But do take the whole look into account and consider how you want to wear your hair. Decorated combs will only work in hair with enough fullness and body. If you have short or fine hair you may want to go for a band or a garland that doesn’t need securing.

Photo by Jeff Cottenden

Try a simple soft silk veil either plain or edged in French lace and worn low to the back of the head for boho chic or if you are lucky enough to find one a vintage veil would be perfect. There really are no fixed rules, you can top off a simple dress with a wild flower garland or a jewelled crown. Your choice will reflect your personality and that’s surely the most important thing.

Come and see Sally at Chiswick, to see her beautiful collection. Doors open at 11.00. Why not go VIP and enjoy a glass of bubbly on arrival and a bride goody bag?



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