Wildly In Love: A Retro Inspired Wedding Elopement In Lumsdale Waterfalls, Derbyshire

While a big wedding is most couple’s choice; running off just the two of you to elope, screams the ultimate romance. That is what today’s wedding is about – a retro inspired wedding elopement in the stunning and atmospheric Lumsdale Waterfalls, Derbyshire, created and styled by Jade Watson from The Liberated Hearts that we LOVE! We hear from her and the team who tell us about the inspiration behind the shoot.



The Inspiration

“My inspiration for this shoot was to showcase the natural beauty of Lumsdale Waterfalls, a serene and picturesque area nestled in Derbyshire. I chose this location for its stunning views across the valley, the enchanting woodland area, the waterfall and to add a unique touch, a microbrewery at the bottom of the falls. It was a testament to my belief that nature can offer everything needed for a magical and intimate wedding experience. It was essential for me to demonstrate that couples don’t need to have a grandiose celebration to feel truly special. Love is at the heart of it all. I wanted to create a shoot that showcases sustainability and eco-consciousness to inspire couples to make environmentally responsible choices for their weddings. The 70s style, which served as inspiration for the elopement shoot, holds a special place in my heart. This era captivates me for its unique expression of freedom and its whimsical, carefree feel. It was a time of breaking away from traditional norms and embracing individuality and creativity.”


Wildly In Love: A Retro Inspired Wedding Elopement In Lumsdale Waterfalls, Derbyshire



How can a couple turn this theme and ideas into reality?

“Couples can turn this shoot into reality by getting creative and selecting an outdoor location that resonates with the 70s vibe, such as a picturesque park, a beach with vintage huts, a groovy garden, or a lush and enchanting forest setting with tall, swaying trees. Embrace 70s fashion by opting for a flowing, ethereal wedding gown with lace and bell sleeves. The groom could opt for wide-collared shirts, flared trousers, and funky patterns. Think about accessorising with retro elements such as oversized sunglasses and statement jewellery. Thrift shops and vintage stores can be great sources for authentic outfits. Either incorporate vibrant or earthy colours that were popular in the 70s, such as burnt orange, mustard yellow, avocado green, and deep brown. Use these colours for your attire, décor, and accessories. Consider using vintage props like an old record player, retro suitcases, a film camera, and antique furniture to transport your vision back in time. Create a playlist of 70s hits to set the mood during your wedding day. Find a photographer with experience in capturing retro aesthetics. Look at their portfolio to ensure they can create the right ambiance and bring your vision to life. While you’re embracing a retro theme, don’t forget to infuse your unique personality and love story into the day. Let it reflect who you are as a couple.”


“Embark on a nostalgic treasure hunt at your nearby thrift stores, where a world of props and inspiration awaits your discovery. Unearth unique finds that speak to the era you’re recreating, from vintage tableware to timeless accessories. If you’re in pursuit of something more specific, like funky oversized sunglasses or rare gems, explore the wonders of Facebook Marketplace.”

The Photography

“When selecting a photographer for your outdoor elopement, review their portfolio for a compatible style and check for experience in outdoor weddings. Communicate openly, and meet in person or virtually to ensure a good connection. Discuss their familiarity with the location, equipment, and backup plans. Ensure they share your vision for your theme and that they have the necessary permits. Ultimately, trust your instincts and choose a photographer who resonates with your vision and makes you feel comfortable, as they’ll play a vital role in capturing your special day.”

The Dress

“Thrifting for a wedding dress can be a budget-friendly and exciting adventure. Start your search early and set a clear budget to guide your efforts. Prior research on styles and designers you prefer can help streamline your search. When visiting thrift stores, carefully inspect each dress for wear, damage, staining, and assess its potential for alterations. Knowing your measurements or dress size will assist in identifying fitting options. Consider specialised thrift stores or vintage boutiques to maximise your chances of finding the right dress. Keep an open mind, as thrift stores often hide unexpected treasures. With patience and persistence, you can discover a unique and affordable wedding dress that complements your style and vision, even if it requires embracing some imperfections.”
Wildly In Love: A Retro Inspired Wedding Elopement In Lumsdale Waterfalls, Derbyshire

The Flowers

“Opt for locally sourced and seasonal blooms, as they have a lower carbon footprint and support local growers. Explore native and wildflower arrangements that enhance the natural beauty of your outdoor elopement location.”

The Cake

Get your wedding cake inspiration from retro magazines. Opt for vintage aesthetics, including retro colours and patterns, to infuse your cake with a nostalgic charm. For an eco-friendly touch, choose vegan ingredients.”


Wildly In Love: A Retro Inspired Wedding Elopement In Lumsdale Waterfalls, Derbyshire


The Stationery

“Elevate the creativity in your elopement stationery by repurposing old records for crafting personalised messages that become cherished memories or unique décor. To further align with your eco-conscious commitment, design sustainable vow booklets using recycled or eco-friendly materials, creating a meaningful keepsake.”



Photography: SL Photo and Film www.slphotoandfilm.co.uk @slphotoandfilm

Dress: thrifted

Suit: The Suit Lounge www.theweddingboutiqueilkeston.co.uk @thesuitlounge

Stylist: The Liberated Hearts (website coming soon) @theliberatedhearts

Cake: Jo Jo’s Vegan Bakery www.jojosveganbakery.co.uk @jojosveganbakery

Calligraphy: KDS Calligraphy (website coming soon) @kdscalligraphy




Wildly In Love: A Retro Inspired Wedding Elopement In Lumsdale Waterfalls, Derbyshire







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