3 Initial Steps To Planning Your Dream Wedding

Planning a wedding takes a lot of time and effort, with many people spending years planning for the perfect day although some of course plan fast (we planned our wedding in 3 months!). It’s something many of us have thought about for years, so it is natural that you will want to get right as much as possible.


Your dream wedding can be just the way you always imagined it to be, and while you’ll have to make a few compromises here and there, it’s important to remember your day will be wonderful. You will want to work on doing as much as possible to get the perfect day; many of our readers who are just engaged will want to dive straight in to wedding planning but where do you start? Here are just 3 things to consider first.


3 Initial Steps To Planning Your Dream Wedding


Are You Going Large or Small?


One of the key things you need to consider when it comes to planning and executing your dream wedding is whether you’re going for a large or small affair. Now, some people like to have the big, lavish wedding that helps them to be the centre of attention for the day. However, there is also something to be said for having a small, intimate wedding as well. Think about what most appeals to you, and make sure you do what you can to try to make the right choices when it comes to the type of wedding you are going to have. Of course, the current global situation is impacting this decision but for couples getting married in years to come – you still need to think about this at the start if your wedding planning journey.



The Right Venue


There are a lot of things to think about when it comes to improving the way your wedding day unfolds, and one of the key ones is to make sure you select the right venue. Make sure you do as much as you can to try to make the right decisions here, and try to compile a shortlist of wedding venues you feel would be perfect. Getting the venue just right is absolutely essential for ensuring the look and feel of your wedding is absolutely perfect. Remember to think about how accessible it is too for your guests.



Find the Ultimate Wedding Dress


Finding the perfect wedding dress is one of the most challenging (yet fun) parts of this process, and you need to make sure this is a priority. There is so much that goes into the ultimate wedding dress, from the size, cut, jewels, train, colour, and more. So you need to consider what you want from a dress, as well as the budget you have to work with. You can choose a ready to wear dress or go couture; check out the George Wu selection of couture wedding dresses maybe as a starting point.



Now, there are many elements to getting married, and some of them matter more than others – and will do to each person/couple. The most important thing you need to remember is the fact that there are a lot of things to consider throughout the whole planning process but you don’t need to do everything straight away. However these three steps are a great place to start!


3 Initial Steps To Planning Your Dream Wedding


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