The Magpie Wedding Social Club – Weekly Support For Your Wedding Social Media And Blogs

Magpie Wedding Social Club

Do you own a wedding business and feel overwhelmed with what to say on social media and in your blogs? You go to write your posts but can’t think of what to write?


Maybe you have a good presence there but you just find it hard to stay consistent resulting in your Instagram feed being a bit hit and miss?


Or maybe you really want to work with us, for us to create your social media and write your blogs but you can’t afford it right now?


If this sounds like you, then you need regular content ideas, with our support delivered in an affordable way that’s not going to overwhelm you.


Welcome to the Magpie Wedding Social Club.

16 Ways To Get Better Engagement On Your Wedding Business Instagram Stories

The Magpie Wedding Social Club is a monthly membership where you receive, weekly, prompts, caption templates, and ideas for your social media and blog. In fact, you will receive over 40 a week which you can pick and choose from.

They are designed for all wedding businesses wanting to capture the attention of couples and potentially the press as they’ve been designed with our Wedding Content Calendar in mind.

The content prompts and templates are focused on different types of content including inspiration, education, values-driven content meaning that when you pick and choose your feed will be a good mixture of eye candy and selling too.


Think of it as getting into our experienced marketing brains and using our thoughts to create your own posts!


Here’s what is inside the Social Club.


🖤  A Google document sent to you every Friday with content prompts for the week ahead with example hooks, captions, call to actions and hashtags. This will be minimum of 40 for the whole week and includes social media, Reels, Stories and blogs. You can then pick this up and plan the week ahead content.

🖤  These will be a mix of specific posts and more general wedding posts that will give you the best chance of being found by your couples.

🖤  A video training at the start so you understand what it all is and importantly how to use it.

🖤  Reels templates that you can try.

🖤  Monthly Lunch and Learn sessions – training on digital marketing via Zoom.

🖤  Invitation to join our Facebook group so we can support each other.



Price includes VAT

What is NOT included:

Images: You need to find your own ones and can of course use Royalty Free photos too from sites such as Unsplash or Pexels.

Captions specific to you: You will need to edit and personalise ours.


Want us to write your blogs or manage your social media for you?

Have a look at our services here.

What our customers have to say

“Wedding Whisperers are a godsend for me. As my business has grown, I simply don’t have the time to write all of my own blog content anymore. I often call upon WW to write up some of my features which are always delivered promptly and written beautifully. Highly recommend!”

Melissa @ The Un-Wedding


“The Wedding Whisperers were suggested to me to help with blog content and I have to say the service was fantastic. The website information is clear and concise and the team is fast and efficient. The whole process was stress-free for me at an extremely busy time for my business and I will definitely be using them again in the future. I would highly recommend it.”




Will the content be suitable for my business?

Yes if you’re a wedding business. The content ideas will be a mix of specific to you posts that you can pick from and more general posts which will help you be found by your ideal couples.

The general templates cover each type of social media post that we feel businesses should be creating: inspirational, educational, values-driven and community focused content. You will also get ideas for Stories and blog posts based on our Content Calendar.


When will we receive the templates?

The templates will be sent to your inbox weekly on a Friday. You will get a reminder in the Facebook group too.


Do you offer refunds?

No we don’t offer refunds. However you can cancel at any time.

The Wedding Whisperers
16 Ways To Get Better Engagement On Your Wedding Business Instagram Stories

When will the Social Club start?

The first templates will be sent out on 10th March 2023. You can sign up at any time afterward and receive the following week’s templates.


If the price goes up, will my subscription go up too?

No you will always pay the price that you signed up for.


Want to see our work? Of course, you can see thousands of blog posts here on Magpie Wedding. And our Instagram is HERE.


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