Supplier Spotlight: Cherry And Fern Celebrations

Today we are meeting Hannah Swindell, the Celebrant behind Cherry and Fern Celebrations. Hannah is someone you will want at your wedding, with her passion for connections, inclusivity, the planet and love; she is the perfect person to write and deliver your wedding ceremony. She is also a FAB person!


Supplier Spotlight: Cherry And Fern Celebrant

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Tell us about yourself and what you do

“I’m an independent celebrant with a focus on the non-traditional and immaculate vibes. Whether you’re looking for an all-singing-all-dancing extravaganza or an intimate and no-frills ceremony I’m there for you! My superpower is my laidback demeanour which serves to put couples at ease, cause let’s face it, you don’t need any more stress on your wedding day! With me, all you need to do is turn up and I’ll deal with the rest. I’m a cat-loving, feminist, elder-emo trying to make the world a better place on ceremony at a time.”


Supplier Spotlight: Cherry And Fern Celebrant

Billington Photography


How would you describe your style?

“Personal, down-to-earth vibes; boho-chic; alternative culture; spiritualism; dad-jokes; disco balls; anti-consumerism; millennial culture; feminism; LGBTQ+ love”.


Who is your typical couple?

“Couples who want to honour their love by having this one day all about them, but don’t buy into the heteronormative and traditional wedding values. They want to show their commitment to one another as equals, and surrounded by the people they love the most.”


Supplier Spotlight: Cherry And Fern Celebrant

Billington Photography


How important is sustainability to you?

“As a celebrant, my business is driven by me as a human, and I try to weave sustainability into all aspects of my life. From a business level, I only ever print my scripts at the final stage to avoid excess paper wastage. From a personal level, I have been a vegetarian for nearly 15 years, buy as much of my household and beauty products as possible from my local zero waste shop, and anything I can’t get from there I ensure is Vegan and Cruelty-Free. I buy the majority of my clothes second-hand and donate or sell anything I no longer wear, avoid using leather and wool and use my bike as much as possible.”


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What are you most proud of?

“Successfully pulling off a wedding on the London Eye! I set myself the goal of ensuring that the “kiss” took place at the very top of the rotation so had a very tight timeframe to work with. We pulled it off and achieved some incredible photos from that moment! The ceremony was only attended by the couple, their parents, the photographer and me, so it was a really lovely and intimate ceremony to be a part of.”



Supplier Spotlight: Cherry And Fern Celebrant

Sally Faith Photography



You have exhibited at our shows. What attracted to you them?

I love the inclusive vibe and knowing that everybody there has the environment and sustainability at the forefront of their minds.”




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What is next for you?

“My next step is to branch more into funerals and be able to help grieving families through one of the toughest moments of their life.”


Damien Vickers Photography



Find out more about Cherry and Fern at their website or on Instagram. She is based in South East London, but covers all of the UK and beyond!



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