20 DIY Wedding Ideas For An Eco Wedding

The trend for DIY weddings is back! This is due to a few reasons; firstly it can be a cheaper way of creating the wedding you want. This is something we saw a lot of back in 2010 after the global 2008 recession and I created my own DIY wedding (with the help of my husband and friends of course!) A DIY wedding is also more sustainable than buying everything new, and is also loads of fun! Before I dive into a few DIY ideas for you, remember that there are some watch-outs to be had. Getting a relative to make your cake isn’t the best idea as they don’t have health and hygiene certificates. Asking your mate to take your photos because they are quite good on Instagram also isn’t ideal either. They will not understand lighting, timings and you don’t want to risk being left with bad photos. It also takes A LOT of time to make everything yourself. However, there are loads of areas you DIY that we did at our wedding. And if you need any help, remember there are loads of amazing suppliers willing and able!


vintage Brooch bouquet as featured on The National Vintage Wedding Fair blog


DIY Bouquets and Buttonholes: Create personalised floral arrangements using alternatives to fresh flowers such as brooches and jewellery or even paper. There are loads of tutorials on YouTube to help. Want fresh flowers? Maybe you can grow your own and pick from the garden.




DIY Table Centrepieces: Design your own table centrepieces with mason jars, candles, flowers, or rustic wood slices. You can tailor these to fit the ambience of your venue.


DIY Wedding Favours: Create unique wedding favours like homemade jams, candles, or small potted plants. Guests will appreciate the effort and the personal touch!



DIY Photo Booth Props: Create fun and quirky photo booth props using card, paint and wooden sticks. Props like moustaches, hats, and speech bubbles can make for memorable photos. Or collect actual props from car boot sales and charity shops.


DIY Signage: Make your own wedding signs for directions, seating, and menus. Chalkboards, wooden planks, and acrylic signs with calligraphy or painted letters are a great idea. TIP: practice first (my first one was dreadful!)


DIY Guest Book: Design a custom guest book or alternative guest book idea, like a thumbprint tree or a Polaroid guestbook, where guests can leave their photos and messages. We left out a vintage typewriter and notepaper for our guests TIP: remember to replace the ink first as ours run out!)


Free Gin Wedding Favours For All Postponed Weddings With BLOOM Gin


DIY Table Numbers: DIY your table numbers using picture frames, wine bottles, or painted wooden blocks. This can be a fun project that adds to your table decor.


DIY Wedding Arch: Build and decorate your own wedding arch with flowers, fabric, and greenery. This can be a stunning focal point for your ceremony and photos.


DIY Cake Topper: Make a unique cake topper with materials like wire, wood, or clay. Personalise it with your names, initials, or a meaningful design that suits your wedding theme.


DIY Aisle Decorations: DIY aisle markers using lanterns, flower petals, or decorated mason jars hung on shepherd’s hooks.




How to make pin wheels for your vintage wedding from Betty Pamper via the National Vintage Wedding Fair



DIY Place Cards: Craft personalised place cards with cardstock, stamps, or hand lettering for a special touch at each guest’s seat.


DIY Ceremony Backdrop: Create a beautiful backdrop for your ceremony with fabrics, flowers, or a wall of greenery and lights.


DIY Confetti: Dry rose petals or rice to give to your guests as confetti. We made cones from vintage newspaper to add petals to at our wedding.




20 DIY Wedding Ideas For An Eco Wedding


DIY Photo Display: Design a photo display of your relationship journey using string, clips, and printed photos.


DIY Wedding Playlist: Curate your own wedding playlist and burn CDs or create digital playlists for guests to enjoy as favours.




DIY Wedding Garlands: Make garlands from paper, fabric, or greenery to drape around your venue for added decor.



DIY Kids’ Activity Packs: Assemble activity packs for children attending your wedding with coloring books, crayons, and small toys to keep them entertained.


DIY Cake Stand: Create a custom cake stand using vintage plates and candlesticks, or decorate a plain one to match your wedding decor.


DIY Welcome Bags: Make welcome bags for out-of-town guests with local treats, maps, and a personalised thank-you note.


DIY Flower Girl Basket: Decorate a basket for your flower girl with ribbons, flowers, and lace to match your wedding decor.


What would you add?




20 DIY Wedding Ideas For An Eco Wedding



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