Supplier Spotlight: Seamless Wedding Decor Rentals With ShipOur.Wedding

Today we’re introducing ShipOur.Wedding, whose revolutionary event rental concept enables couples to have a spectacular wedding without any spiralling costs. By providing affordable DIY wedding decor rentals, ShipOur.Wedding empowers its customers to have the wedding of their dreams, delivered seamlessly, within budget, and without having their decor options limited. Read on to discover more about them


Supplier Spotlight: Seamless Wedding Decor Rentals With ShipOur.Wedding



“ShipOur.Wedding is a revolutionary event rental concept aimed at empowering clients and vendors by providing affordable DIY wedding decor rentals. By allowing clients to control labour costs through DIY solutions, ShipOur.Wedding aims to make event planning more inclusive and financially feasible, addressing the challenges of rising industry costs and limited options. With decades of experience and a commitment to empowering individuals to create amazing events under budget, ShipOur.Wedding offers simple setups, affordable kits, and amazing results, ensuring a seamless and personalised experience for every client.”


What are your influences?

Our influences come from decades in the wedding industry. We know that costs are high for both clients and vendors. Our DIY rentals give those with less-than-desirable options the power to design and create beautiful events.”


ShipOur.Wedding set up

photo wall ShipOur.Wedding


Who is your typical couple?

She works as an administrative assistant at a small company. She is in a long-term relationship and lives with her partner. They may already have a child together, she may be pregnant, or they are ready to start planning for a family. Unfortunately, they have a limited budget and due to the current economic instability in the market, they are not able to afford a luxurious wedding. Regardless, she wants to plan a party of their family/friends and celebrate her milestone. She considers herself creative has a knack for DIY projects and enjoys adding a personal touch to anything she does. She finds joy in crafting and creating, whether it’s homemade decorations, handmade gifts, or personalised things for her home, however planning her wedding may seem intimidating for her. She envisions a small and intimate wedding, either at her home property or a cozy venue that reflects their personal style. She is sentimental and holds value to things and places. She is close to her friends and family. She creates meaningful relationships in her life and wants to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for her guests. The people that will be part of her wedding are likely very close and dear to her heart. She is not materialistic but loves to have beautiful things. She can be egocentric and wants to be the centre of attention. She is supportive of thrifting and rental services, and she will likely rent her bridal dress or groom suit for the occasion. She likely spends hours on social media and Pinterest daydreaming about different styles and themes that she can consider for her wedding. She values the support of her family and friends, who are actively involved in planning her wedding and bachelorette party. They offer assistance, share ideas, and help bring her vision to life, creating a sense of community and closeness throughout the planning process. She likely has a vision board for this wedding and she wants to have everything that she envisioned and more without the costs of it. She can be impulsive and driven by emotion when making decisions. She will likely share her experience publicly regardless if it is good or bad. She is not necessarily a loyal client and will need additional attention to detail to convert and remain loyal.”



Ideal Couple Ship.Our Wedding


How important is being sustainable?

“In today’s wedding landscape, sustainability is paramount. Our rent and return kits not only reduce cost but also reduce time & waste. If you are a couple purchasing equipment you will have to sell it after your wedding. This takes time and storage while the items are being repurposed or sold. Another great example is how silk florals offer an eco-friendly alternative. Unlike fresh flowers, which involve multiple stages of transportation and disposal, silk flowers are shipped directly, minimizing carbon footprint. Additionally, silk flowers can be reused for multiple events, require no water, and can be donated or composted after use, further reducing waste. Overall, opting for silk florals not only benefits the environment but also provides couples with a cost-effective and conscientious choice for their wedding decor.”


Silk Flowers ShipOur.Wedding


What are you most proud of so far?

“I take immense pride in individuals who navigate through adversity or hardship. It’s inspiring to witness those who discover their inner strength and resilience, lifting themselves (and others) from challenging circumstances. This is what connects us as human beings. It can be as easy as giving a warm smile to someone having a bad day. I am proud of anyone and anything who lives life with purpose. The one thing in life you can not fake is authenticity. Determination and courage serve as a powerful reminder of the human spirit’s capacity to overcome and thrive amidst challenges.”


Supplier Spotlight: Seamless Wedding Decor Rentals With ShipOur.Wedding


Wedding decor


What’s next for you and your company?

As we chart our course forward, our company is driven by a deep commitment to authenticity and purpose. We’re poised to advance our industry by leveraging technology and logistics to empower individuals through innovative DIY solutions. Our focus remains on enhancing lives and disrupting norms through meaningful changes that deliver genuine value. As we expand our horizons, our unwavering belief in people guides us toward a future where everyone can access affordable and seamless event solutions, supported by cutting-edge software and efficient logistics operations.


Drape decor ShipOur.Wedding



Phone (844) 744-7933


Facebook shipourweddingofficial

Instagram @ShipOurWedding



Supplier Spotlight: Seamless Wedding Decor Rentals With ShipOur.Wedding


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