5 More Ways To Have A Fairtrade Wedding

Planning a Fairtrade wedding takes time and consideration especially when it comes to the details of your day. If your ethical values are imperative in your planning process and to the two of you then it’s even more important to host a wedding day that reflects these. If you are choosing to add more sustainable elements and are looking for ideas we are here to help in our series of Fairtrade articles that can accelerate your wedding planning to help you make the right choices and to give you ideas you may not have thought of!  We take a look at 5 more ways to have a Fairtrade wedding…


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5 More Ways To Have A Fairtrade Wedding


Choose A Fairtrade Wedding Venue

Finding a Fairtrade venue is probably one of the most sensible and time-efficient things you can do in your wedding planning process. It may mean that a lot of the big things for your day will be taken care of. Look for a venue that supports Fairtrade principles and practices, these should include strict practices in health and safety and they should provide a safe and happy work environment for their employees. They may also have recommended Fairtrade suppliers too, which makes your planning job a whole lot easier! If it’s not that they are Fairtrade then ask them, but we’re pretty sure if they are, they’ll be shouting about it!

5 More Ways To Have A Fairtrade Wedding

Have Fairtrade or Eco-Friendly Stationery

Your wedding stationery, especially your invites, is the first thing your guests will see! So set the tone for your beautiful wedding day with beautiful Fairtrade invitations to match. There are lots of suppliers that provide solely eco-friendly, ethical, sustainable, and fairtrade products for your wedding day, so they shouldn’t be hard to find! Think stunning recycled papers and plantable wedding invitations too!




Use Fairtrade Linens and Table Decor

Your tables are important, especially if you are having a formal wedding breakfast so make sure you think about the items that you put on them! Choose Fairtrade table linens and napkins to dress your reception tables and use Fairtrade decorations such as recycled paper decor or decorations that are locally sourced and/or handmade; make sure you know where they come from. Your flowers should be ethically sourced too! So if you are using these as centerpieces make sure you choose a sustainable florist.


5 More Ways To Have A Fairtrade Wedding


Have A Fairtrade Wedding Menu

Speak to your venue or caterer about serving a Fairtrade meal and evening reception menu, or even better choose a venue that offers a farm-to-table menu! Make sure your caterers are Fairtrade certified which will mean that they will use Fairtrade sugar, spices, and other ingredients in their cooking process, and it will mean they hold the same values as you too!


5 More Ways To Have A Fairtrade Wedding

Choose Fairtrade Favours

If you are choosing to have favours then think about how you can use Fairtrade organisations to find just what you’re looking for! Handmade items from Fairtrade companies will eb unique and special to your wedding day. Opt for Fairtrade chocolate for your favours or dessert options for your wedding breakfast. Or if you decide you don’t want the extra ‘stuff’ then giving back to Fairtrade organisations is a great idea. You can either ask your guests to do this as a wedding gift or you can also donate a portion of your wedding budget too!


Check out more ideas here >> 5 Ways To Have A Fairtrade Wedding


5 More Ways To Have A Fairtrade Wedding


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