6 ways to involve your children in your wedding

Many of us aren’t lucky enough to have our little ones at our big day, if we’re working to the traditional modern principles of a long term relationship (buy a house, get married, have kids), but if your kids will be present when you say ‘I do’ here’s how to get them involved.

Ask them to help you choose your rings 

Your engagement and wedding rings are one of the most important aspects of getting married – they’re something you will wear forever more as a symbol of your partnership.

Therefore, letting your kids get involved with choosing the rings you wear for the rest of your life is a great way of getting them to play a big part in your day, whether you take them to the nearest jeweller to pick out styles, or have them browse the 77 Diamonds website.

Page boy at a vintage wedding as featured on The National Vintage Wedding Fair blog

Have your eldest walk you down the aisle 

If your Dad can’t be present on your big day, then your eldest child – no matter what gender – is the perfect substitute. They will feel special as all eyes will be upon them as they guide you down the aisle and if they’re very young it will make for some adorable photos you can enjoy later.

Children at weddings

They could be a bridesmaid/groomsman 

Your bridesmaids and groomsmen are usually made up of close friends and siblings, people you love and have close relationships with, so why should your little one be any different? Having your children as part of the wedding party makes them feel special and grown up.

Ask them to give a speech or reading 

This is a job for super confident kids or older ones. They need to be willing to speak in front of a large group and it’s important you don’t pressure them to do such a thing if they’re shy.

They can either write their speech with the help of a grandparent or aunt or uncle or read an extract from a book or even a poem that means something special to you and your partner – you’ll also know exactly what they’re going to say!

Get them to man the treat table 

More and more of us are adopting fun sweet shop style tables at our receptions that guests can pick and choose from but sometimes you can be left with a lot of leftover sweets at the end of night. Make it your children’s mission to get people eating as many fried eggs and lollipops as possible!

Vintage wedding sweet table


Set up a confetti table 

Before the photography session begins have your little ones standing in charge of a confetti bar where guests can put together their own confetti combinations to throw for pictures.

Vintage rose confetti

Simply go about filling jars and bowls with everything from glitter to rice and guests can then fill paper bags with their mixtures. Your kids can hand out the bags and suggest pretty combinations for people to put together. It should make them feel pretty important, just be sure to pull them away from their job before the photographer starts snapping pictures.

Involving your children in your wedding needn’t be a stressful task, they’ll love to have important jobs and be a big part of your big day! Give them simple tasks and watch them have fun instead of sitting on the sidelines in their best dress.

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(Both images are of my wedding and my children)




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