Woburn x BowenDryden Badass Alternative Bridesmaid Collection

Bridesmaids? Gone are the days of taffeta two toned ball gowns and bubblegum pink puffballs, cue Rachel’s dress at Barry and Mindy’s wedding in Friends (that hat!). Woburn Bridal and Bowen Dryden have joined forces to bring the very best in style and fashion for your alternative bridesmaid with  “A stylish alternative to the conventional bridesmaid dress, these outfits are modern and wearable, empowering and versatile”

Without a doubt the bride always needs to be the centre of attention on her big day, but why not treat your team bride (instead of making them have to put up and shut up), with the collection that’s launched bridesmaid dresses into the 21st Century. Here’s a sneek peek at what Woburn x Bowen Dryden have to offer and what they say about the newly launched alternative bridesmaid collection…

“I love all sorts of modern bridal fashion, but I meet a lot of brides who just don’t want the same old, generic dress for their bridesmaids,” says Joanna Southwell, the owner of Woburn Bridal who collaborated directly with Bowen-Dryden. “This line is for the bride who wants something stylish and different for her best girls. Something new and empowering that allows her bridesmaids to be creative, look awesome and feel like themselves. It is a true modern take on bridal styling.”

“Woburn X BowenDryden brings true high-fashion to the modern bridal party. A stylish alternative to the conventional bridesmaid dress, these outfits are modern and wearable, empowering and versatile. Beautifully designed and embellished tops and trousers come in an array of styles, colours and sizes. The combinations both flatter and flaunt a variety of shapes and sizes, while reflecting the personality of the women who wear them. Outfits can be perfectly coordinated to a wide range of wedding styles and palettes.”

“The Woburn X Bown-Dryden bridesmaid collection is gorgeously embellished with embroidered and beadwork motifs, georgette pussybows and chunky metal zips. Choose from delicate handcrafted lace, dramatic crepe or sheer georgette in pastels, black-noir or an exclusive Woburn floral pattern.”

“Style it soft and boho or high-fashion and edgy, or any point in between. Worn as separates or made into a jumpsuit, a bridesmaid outfit from the Woburn X BowenDryden collection is a definitive choice for the discerning modern bride who wants something different, befitting the powerful characters she has chosen for her bridal party.”

“A design collaboration between Woburn Bridal and haute couture fashion designer Sharon Bowen-Dryden, Woburn X BowenDryden alternative bridesmaid collection celebrates the empowered spirit of today’s modern woman.”

Woburn X BowenDryden, available exclusively at Woburn Bridal, Milton Keynes, UK.

Photography by Sarah Brookes Photography





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