The Ultimate Wedding Day Beauty Regime

We all love a good beauty regime and what better time to devise one than during the run-up to a wedding! For many, wedding plans can be a stressful time with multiple elements to juggle and one of the best things you can offer as a beautician is a stress-free beauty regime that will ensure the bride will look her best on her special day. Here is a step by step guide on what to do and when.


Wedding Skincare; 5 Tips to Prepare Your Skin For Your Wedding Day



6-12 months before

Your skin can be considered the canvas for the big day so it is advised to begin preparation as early as possible. Implementing skin care regimes six to twelve months in advance can help to eliminate the chances of any unwanted blemishes and ensure the best results for other beauty procedures such as hair removal and tanning.

For brides who have concerns over acne and blemishes, encourage implementing lifestyle changes that can help reduce the risk of spots such as stress management, staying hydrated and diet. Daily skin care regimes can also improve the appearance of blemishes and skin tone such as hydrating facial masks and salicylic acid face washes.



Hair Care

6 months before

Keeping hair hydrated and healthy is the secret to achieving the perfect style on the big day which can be achieved through a regime of regular conditioning and using the right products to wash the hair with. Minimising the amount of heat styling can work wonders as regular exposure to high temperatures can reduce the structural integrity of the hair strands resulting in split ends and dryness. It is also advised to avoid excessive washing as well as only using products that do not contain harmful substances such as sulphates and parabens. Not only can such chemicals damage and dry out the hair, but they can also substantially speed up the fading process of any colour or highlight treatments. Try recommending shampoos that are comprised of natural and organic ingredients for example coconut or argon oil.


The Ultimate Wedding Day Beauty Regime


Hair Cut and Colour

6 months before

If the bride is wanting to colour their hair for the wedding it is highly recommended that you do a test colour and cut it approximately 6 months before. This is of particular importance if especially the permanent hair colour is substantially different to their natural shade, thus allowing time for changes if needed. When happy with the colour, advise that the colour be touched up approximately a week prior to the wedding as well as any cuts or trims, allowing the hair time to naturally settle into place.


Hair Styling and Makeup

1 week before


By now your bride will have an idea of the type of style that they would like to go for. Arrange a trial hair and makeup appointment to practice and experiment with looks that will best compliment their features, ensuring that they will be happy with the final results on the day. Have them bring along or provide pictures of the dress, as well as any hair accessories that they plan on wearing to plan or style the hair accordingly.


The Ultimate Wedding Day Beauty Regime


2 to 3 days before

It is a well-known fact amongst beauticians that spray tans look their best approximately 2 days after the appointment. Arranging the tan two to three days prior to the big day not only ensures the best glow but also allows time for any needed exfoliation to correct or even out certain areas. This will also accommodate for the initial coating to be washed off to avoid staining the wedding gown, especially if wearing the traditional white!



1 to 2 days before

Considered the finishing touches of the bridal beauty regime, the nails are the time for providing that elegant flare. It is highly advised that manicures or pedicures be left until at least after any tanning to avoid any colour coming into contact with the nails and staining. This is of particular importance if opting for a classic polish to ensure that the look is as fresh as possible on the day.


The Ultimate Wedding Day Beauty Regime


The secret ingredient to a glowing bride is the perfect, strategically planned beauty regime. By following these tricks of the trade, not only will your clients look stunning on their big day, but they will also be shining ambassadors for your work.



The Ultimate Wedding Day Beauty Regime




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