4 Simple Ways To Improve Your Instagram Stories For Your Wedding Business

We love Instagram Stories – in fact, we go to look at Stories before we scroll down the Instagram feed. We love seeing the real you, the person behind the brand but also as we are nosey types, we love having a good old nose at what you are up to. And we are not the only ones!


However, many people we know and work with don’t have a plan for them, resulting in their content being a bit random. Or no content at all! Remember that you can sell through Stories too! They should therefore play a key part in your overall strategy.


Before we start with some tips, you need to remember that Stories are where you communicate with your existing followers. This is where you build connections so they will feel that they know you. This will lead to them falling in love with you and feeling like you are their friend. This naturally leads to better trust which leads to loyalty.


16 Ways To Get Better Engagement On Your Wedding Business Instagram Stories

Here are our top tips that you can put into action today.


1. Post in blocks of 3-4

They are called Stories for a reason! Tell a story across a group of images or short videos building up to the finale. This could be a sale or a big reveal. You can do this by using the same image but layering on more text. Or by showing different images leading up to one message. The idea is that you get them to stop and watch (and want to see more).


TOP TIP – Create the first story, then save it to your phone. Upload it for the next story but add stickers or more text.



2. Post across the day

Ideally, we would suggest you post a small series 3-4 times a day. Whatever you do, don’t post 12 things all at once! The idea is that every time your follower picks up their phone, they see you in their Stories timeline. They watch you throughout the day, building up the know, like, and trust factor.


TOP TIP – Think when people look at their phones and post them then. Breakfast time, lunchtime, after work, and before you go to bed work well.


16 Ways To Get Better Engagement On Your Wedding Business Instagram Stories

3. Start with a question

Add a poll or quiz to the first slide to get them to do something. Want more engagement ideas – find our favourites here.


TOP TIP – make the poll a double positive i.e. Do you want to see more of this? Yes or Hell Yeah! This way your Stories don’t show a no!



4. End with a Call To Action

Everything you do needs a Call To Action! Get them to do something such as follow, read the blog, and download the Lead Magnet. Get our Call To Action Ideas here.


And remember to LINK TO YOUR PRODUCT!


TOP TIP – ask them to DM you. This way you can start a conversation to warm them up from a cold lead.


4 Simple Ways To Improve Your Instagram Stories For Your Wedding Business


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