5 Ways To Remember Missing Relatives On Your Wedding Day

Sometimes on your wedding day, not everyone you wish was there can be there with you as you tie the knot. Whether that be a parent, a grandparent, or a close family member or friend, but that doesn’t mean to say you can’t do something to find a way to remember them and feel like they are close. There are many ways that you can pay tribute to and include those that are sadly no longer with you. We give you some of our ideas on how to remember them and include them on your special day…


5 Ways To Remember Missing Relatives On Your Wedding Day



Is there somewhere you can place an image of your special someone so everybody can remember them? Doing this would mean a spot where they can be seen and acknowledged. The way you do this can vary. Some choose to have just one image at the ceremony, some have a slideshow of images in the wedding reception which show the best moments of them and the time you had together. Whatever you choose, having their face there can be really comforting.  



Having some special jewellery made is a really lovely tribute. Charms and lockets are always popular for this as you can include images of your special loved one and engravings. Jewellery can also link to your something old. You can choose to wear it or attach it somewhere and carry them with you through the whole day.  


5 Ways To Remember Missing Relatives On Your Wedding Day


Wear Something of Thiers

Similar to the jewellery above, wearing something that belonged to your missing relative is a lovely way to feel like they are there with you. It can be something small you can attach or wear, something you might want to customise to you slightly. You might even decide that it would be really special if your partner wore something belonging to them too. There are lots of options here but it creates something really special for you.  


Play ‘Their Song’

Did they have a song that was ‘their song’? It could even be a song that you will always remember and associate with them. Having this played at some point throughout your wedding day is a lovely way to feel them close. If this is quite a personal thing for you then you can take a moment to yourself to just listen to the song. Music is such a powerful memory and whether it is shared with everyone or just something for you personally, it can really mean a lot.  


5 Ways To Remember Missing Relatives On Your Wedding Day


A Drink for Them

Many people have stated that they have left a drink on a bar for their missing relative on their wedding day to remember them. Others have mentioned having a drink for the toast or at the reception that reminds them of their missing relative. Either one is a lovely reminder. If leaving a drink isn’t something you feel suitable then food or treats are also another option.  


5 Ways To Remember Missing Relatives On Your Wedding Day


There are so many ways that you can remember your missing relatives on your wedding day, it could be something private, or you might want to make a bigger statement. Choosing to remember your special someone if they sadly cannot be there is a really personal and special thing. These are just a few ways you can explore the options. Ultimately the way you do either is down to what feels right for you to do.   



5 Ways To Remember Missing Relatives On Your Wedding Day


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