9 Romantic Virtual Ideas: How To Be Together When You Can’t Be Together

Sometimes and in uncertain times, we can’t always be together, and here at Magpie Wedding we don’t think that romance should suffer! In fact, in the world that we live in, there’s no excuses, so sit back, relax, take a look and take note of our romantic virtual ideas on how to be together when you can’t be… we know it’s not the same, but you could still have lots of fun!


A Romantic Dinner

Date night, but not as we know it – a virtual romantic dinner for two (or one) is a great way to be romantic if you can’t be together. Whether you’ve been together for years, months or even if it’s a first date you can make it a night to remember! Set up your screen, log on, and sit down to a veritable feast together, and depending on your separate culinary skills, you could get yourself organised and cook the same thing – a competition in itself of whose looks the best! The only thing you wont be able to do is lock lips over the spaghetti, Lady and the Tramp stylee!


9 Romantic Virtual Ideas: How to be Together When You Can't Be Together

Online Games

There are so many online games, quizzes and virtual fun out there that you can have together, Scrabble included, a personal fave! You can either do it one go, or with the available apps you can play it for days, or weeks with changing themes. If your old school and competitive, get your dictionaries ready for any minor disagreements, grab yourself a drink and go scrabble!

If your feeling a bit cheeky, spice it up with a naughty words only theme, or a striptease version, if you can’t make a word!


5 Virtual Romantic Ideas: How to be Together When You Can't Be Together

Movie Night

Everyone loves a good film and you can take it in turns to pick! Either video call and talk (quietly and infrequently)  while it’s playing, or, watch it at the same time and catch up at intervals or afterwards for a debrief! It’s amazing what you can learn about someone else from the films they like, even if you have been together for years… and if you really can’t decide together on a film to watch then a virtual Netflix and Chill is always an option… ; )


Send A Love Note

The age old art of a love note – something we seldom do, but can be the most romantic of them all, and although it might read the same thing, it means so much more than a text. So get out your pen and paper and get writing in whatever way and style you choose, you might even find a talent you didn’t know you had, and everyone loves a letter through the post!


7 Virtual Romantic Ideas: How to be Together When You Can't Be Together


Make A Playlist

Yes to this! Everyone loves a song or two! Make a playlist together, or separate, and for each other, songs you know they love, songs that you love together and some new additions from the years of music at your fingertips. After your playlist is complete (is a playlist ever complete?) or at least sizeable, then dance, party and have a virtual night out!



5 Virtual Romantic Ideas: How to be Together When You Can't Be Together

Read A Book

Read the same book, it might be something you’ve both wanted to read for a while, or you may pick something together – everyone loves a good story and it’s even better if you have someone to chat to, pick apart, conspire and predict whats going to happen in the end!


Order A Surprise Gift

Even if it’s not a special occasion, a surprise gift through the post is a romantic gesture, whether it be something they’ve wanted for a while, confectionery or flowers, or even something you’ve made – we’re sure it will put a smile on your other half’s face!



Random Messages

Be random and send sporadic messages to your other half! You could take pictures of messages on post it notes, write a message in the mirror after your morning shower, send a song with lyrics that reminds you of them or text them a song lyric, but be cryptic and send them the lyric before the one you actually want to send!


Jar of moments

Each find a jar and every time you think of somewhere you want to go together, or something you want to do with them (or too them… winky face), write it down and pop it in! On a weekly basis take a few out and share with each other what you have, whether it be romantic, adventurous, naughty fun or all three, you’ll have plenty to do and catch up on when you do see each other!



7 Virtual Romantic Ideas: How to be Together When You Can't Be Together


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