Wedding Memories: Wedding cake pillars


In todays wedding memories we remember when all wedding cakes were separated by columns.  Its is surprising how quickly things fall out of favour and in the last 10 years it has become quite rare to see cakes separated in the way.  Replaced by stacked cakes and wedding cake stands that make the tiers ‘float’ we remember the pretty traditional look that every wedding cake adhered to in times past.


1940’s -1950’s

Wedding cakes after the war still had pillars made from china in column shapes or more decorate designs such as swans and baskets.  Kept and treasured, often they would be handed down from mother to daughter.  With the advert of plastic, more mass produced versions started appearing in the 1950’s making them cheaper, disposable and more popular.

Cake Cutting 3





By the 1960’s cakes became fancier and more inspired by celebrity weddings.  Height became a big trend with extra levels of cake being tiered.  By the 1970’s cakes became tiered into all sorts of shapes and designs and novelty items such as fountains were added.  Metallic finishes on plastic had been developed and silver and gold versions began being used.






During the era of excess wedding cakes went even more ornate and columns between the tiers were still very popular.  Lots of flowers, ribbon and iced decoration finished the look to match the now seen as fussy fashion styles.



Well, we at National Vintage Wedding Fair still love them  – would any of you future brides consider having your wedding cake displayed this way?  What do you remember from weddings of the past that we don’t see so often now?  Share one of your wedding memories with us and we’ll feature it in an upcoming blog.

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Written by Sarah Gorlov

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    Thank you so much for this arcilte, it saved me time!

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