4 Key Actions To Grow Your Wedding Business Instagram Audience

Today we are talking about Instagram again – and what you should be getting your followers to do when they see your post. So often we concentrate on creating the best image we forget that we want people looking at them to actually do something. This is called a Call To Action and we should remember this for all our wedding business Instagram marketing.

But first, let’s talk about all the actions that they can take when they see an image or video that they like. There are 4 key actions and you should chase them / encourage them in this order.


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The save button is like a super like. When your follower saves your content, it tells Instagram that your content is fabulous. They are then more likely to show it to this person again. They are also more likely to share it with others as they will see it as high-quality content.

CALL TO ACTION: Encourage your followers to save it for later, add this to educational carousels, and say it at the end of Reels.



When people share your content, its reach will go up as clearly it will be seen by their followers too.

CALL TO ACTION: Ask your followers to share it if they think it will resonate with their community.


4 Key Actions You Want Your Instagram Audience To Do, To Grow Your Instagram Following


Comments are king – this also really shows Instagram that your content is great. However, the main reason you want comments is to be able to start conversations with people. This is more likely to lead to them following you (if they are not following you already) or even to sales. Make sure you answer every comment with a question to keep the conversation going.

CALL TO ACTION: Encourage people to feedback or ask them a question so they reply in your feed. 


And finally the like button. While of course, it is great to get likes, the other 3 are worth spending time on over this.

CALL TO ACTION: Ask people to double tap if you like this, or if you agree with this

Go give it a try!


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4 Key Actions To Grow Your Wedding Business Instagram Audience


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