How to theme a vintage wedding in an authentic way

Vintage weddings are wonderful because they bring with them a touch of tradition that most brides really cherish. While some want a modern theme, many brides want that fairy-tale wedding of days gone by and the only real way to capture that is by going retro. From medieval times to the Roaring 1920s, nothing captures a bride’s imagination quite like a wedding theme set in some long ago day where she can step back from reality, if only for the day, and enjoy that storybook celebration that makes her queen for a day.

It all starts with the ring

Even if the proposal was a huge surprise, there’s nothing to say that the bride-to-be can’t choose her ring at some later date. Many grooms use a token ring when popping the question only to take her later to choose the actual engagement ring made with high quality stones such as those available in New York or Dallas at Ascot Diamonds. Some wedding planners suggest setting the theme for the wedding first and buying the wedding rings once that has been decided upon. Not only will this carry the memory forward for the rest of your lives together but the wedding set will match the attire of the day.

Fitting all the puzzle pieces together!

One thing to remember when planning an authentic vintage wedding is that it will be like putting together a puzzle. All the pieces need to fit. From the venue you choose to the bridal attire to the music playing at the reception, everything needs to be from the same era if you want an authentic look. If you want a renaissance wedding, you certainly don’t want a big band sound for the reception and you wouldn’t want to celebrate in a contemporary banquet hall. Take ample time to ensure everything is complementary from the rings to the dress to the venue and even the menu and music. Ideally everything needs to be from the same time period if you want a truly vintage wedding.

Tips for finding the perfect dress

No matter what era you choose for your vintage wedding, it is possible to find just the right wedding attire. Remember, the farther back you go, the harder it will be to shop for gowns and men’s suits unless you have a seamstress or tailor in mind that could alter or design your bridal gown. Some brides have had great luck shopping at our events for more recent gowns from the 20th century and if you are very lucky, your town may have a vintage clothing store that carries dresses and suits dating back a century or more.

No matter what era you choose for your vintage wedding it is a great idea to to keep the theme throughout. For the purists among you,  pay careful attention to the details, as if something clashes you may not be satisfied with the results. If you can’t find a band or ensemble to perform live, there are always DJs who can play music from any era if it’s been recorded. Just keep everything thematic and you’ll have a wedding to remember for the rest of your life.

Photos by Claire Macintyre

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