7 Lies You’re Told When Planning Your Wedding

How many times during wedding planning do you think a couple feels overwhelmed? Or is swayed by someone else’s opinion about the ‘correct way’ to do something? Your wedding day is about the two of you… end of, and you can get married where you want, wear what you want and quite frankly do what the hell you want… it’s YOUR DAY! On today’s article we decided to tell some home truths when it comes to weddings and the wedding planning lies we hear too often! Here are 7 lies we don’t want you to fall for…



 7 Lies You're Told When Planning Your Wedding

It’s The Most Important Day of Your Life

It may be one of the most important days of your life, but it’s not categorically the most important day of your life! What about that degree you worked so hard for? Or a dream job you finally managed to secure? For some of you, having your first child may be the best day of your life. Sometimes it’s the little things that make your days important, and there will be so many more important days to follow after you get married. Don’t make this statement make you feel pressured to feel a certain way. Yes, it’s an important day for most people but there are other days that are just as important too!


 7 Lies You're Told When Planning Your Wedding


You Have to Lose Weight

Bullsh*t. Did I say that loud enough? This is the biggest wedding planning lie! You DO NOT have to lose weight. It’s about feeling happy in yourself, and confident on your big day. If you want to lose weight, and this will make you feel better and more confident then do it… but do it for you, not because someone asked you “Are you planning on losing weight for the big day?” Cringe.


Wedding Planning Lies

You Have To Be The Most Beautiful Version of Yourself

You just have to be you, your partner is marrying you, for being you! They’ve no doubt seen you at your worst so don’t feel pressured to be something you are not on your wedding day. You don’t have to grow your hair, have eyelash extensions, wear makeup, buy contact lenses, have the most amazing skin. As long as you are happy then that’s all that matters!


 7 Lies You're Told When Planning Your Wedding

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You Have to Follow Traditions

If you followed every single wedding tradition in the history of wedding traditions you’d be in a bit of a regimented nightmare on your wedding day! You do not have to follow every single tradition there once was because ‘it’s tradition’. There are definitely some things I would miss out now if I did it again. For example, you don’t have to do speeches by certain people because it’s what you do speeches were given away


 7 Lies You're Told When Planning Your Wedding

You Have To Please Everybody

Sometimes we feel in life we have to please everyone, it’s a natural feeling and of course, if you’re a people pleaser you will try and accommodate everyone’s wishes and opinions when it comes to your wedding day. We’re here to tell you, you don’t have to please everyone on the day because it is about you and your partner! You don’t have to invite your long lost cousin that you’ve seen three times in your life, just because it would upset someone or the uncle that you don’t really like, you don’t have to buy the dress your mum or sister likes best. Invite who you want, get married where you want, wear what you want and please yourself!


You Have To Spend All Your Savings

Unless you want to, you don’t have to spend your life savings on your wedding day. You might not have a large budget, or you might have lots of savings but don’t really want to spend them all on just one day. Don’t feel pressured to have a large extravagant wedding day that will cost you lots of money. At the end of the day if the two of you are married then that’s all that matters.


Wedding Planning Lies

Not All Brides are Bridezillas

Don’t get me wrong, you will have moments of madness (don’t we all!) and there will be pressurised times during planning your wedding day. This doesn’t mean you’re a ‘Bridezilla’ – the media and people around us paint any bride under a little bit of stress as ‘Bridezillas’ that’s not okay and is definitely part of the wedding planning lies in our book!




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