7 Reasons To Exhibit At The ECO Wedding Show 

With so many wedding shows out there we understand that it might be difficult to decide which one is right for you. With our autumn shows coming up soon and preparations being made for our spring shows too, we wanted to share a few reasons why choosing to exhibit at The ECO Wedding Shows from Magpie Wedding is such a great choice for your wedding business. 

(The photos included in this piece are all from The ECO Show in Norfolk which is a rural tipi event. Please note that some shows are more industrial. Photos taken by Sian Richardson.)


The Eco Wedding Show Wellington Wood, Norfolk


The ECO Wedding Shows have been established for a few years now having been born out of Magpie Wedding’s previous wedding show, The National Vintage Wedding Fair, which started back in 2010. We have many years’ experience working with thousands of wedding businesses and we’ve had multiple opportunities to try out and test what works best for our exhibitors and guests alike. Our couples know and appreciate this which is why they come to us. Some guests come up to 3 times while planning their wedding! While we are primarily about weddings that are ethical, creative and offbeat, rather than vintage these days, our knowledge of alternative fairs is second to none. 


Here are just some of the reasons to choose to exhibit at The ECO Wedding Shows and a little bit more about what you get as an exhibitor in return. 




Meet the right couples for your business

We attract couples who really do want to be there; couples who are serious about their wedding planning and believe that this is the best show for them to find suppliers that align with their values. Our couples are ready to work with sustainable, eco-conscious suppliers and these are exactly what they find at The ECO Wedding Shows. We have couples who attend more than one of our shows whilst planning their wedding because they know that they can trust that the suppliers we are showcasing place importance on the same things as they do – once they find like-minded suppliers they want to book them and buy their products!   


It means that the couples who are attending are the right fit for you and your business – they believe wholeheartedly in what you have to offer.  


The ECO Wedding Show At Wellington Wood, Thetford Forest, Norfolk


Quality over Quantity  

We really want to give our couples the very best: to showcase suppliers who fit within our brand values and our ethos for eco-friendly and sustainable weddings. Therefore, we handpick all of the exhibitors at each of our shows. We believe that it isn’t about the number of exhibitors we have at the show, but about the quality. Our couples want to be at the show to find vendors to book for their day because they trust our selection process. Couples want to see ethical and sustainable dresses and accessories (as well as all the other wedding products and services they need) because they believe that’s the right choice for them.  



Networking opportunities  

Because we place such a high value on the ethics and sustainability credentials of our selected suppliers, we find that great relationships are formed between individual exhibitors too. Being in a room full of like-minded wedding professionals leads to really interesting conversations and connections, with many potential opportunities for partnership and cross-promotion emerging with people you may not have known about or considered working with before. Rather than keeping yourself and your offering confined to a small space on the day of the show and never straying from it, we prefer to work with our exhibitors so that they can take ownership of the whole space and maximise the opportunities to promote themselves in creative ways throughout the venue. This creates a great team atmosphere at the event and lots of possibilities to help one another succeed long after the show is over.




We advertise and get PR for the shows

Magpie Wedding has great connections with the media and fellow wedding industry professionals. We believe that connecting and sharing is an amazing and important way to generate interest and engagement. All of our shows are promoted across several media outlets including online and in magazines. Our director, Kate, also runs a marketing company alongside writing for magazines and blogs, so has in-depth knowledge and the ability to promote the show and the exhibitors. The ECO Wedding Shows have been featured on Green Union, Boho Weddings, and The Telegraph to name a few – plus they’re promoted locally on what’s on pages and in the local media. We also team up with magazines as media partners; in the past, we have worked with Simply Vegan and County Weddings. We understand where the best places are to be promoted.  


At Magpie Wedding, we love to share every exhibitor on our social media channels and like to shout about what it is that they do! When you exhibit at The ECO Wedding Show, you will have dedicated Instagram and Facebook posts about your business in the run-up to the show. 




We are loyal and want to support you

At Magpie Wedding, we love getting to know the people and the brands that choose to exhibit with us. We have had businesses who have exhibited with us on several occasions and formed lasting relationships with us. This is because we really do care about what you do and we want to create a relationship that goes beyond the show day.  


We are always looking for people to work with on our shoots, blogs, etc., and want to work with people who we trust and love! So those who exhibit at The ECO Wedding Shows are on our radar and we always want to work with them again and again. Past exhibitors have worked work with us at Magpie Wedding. We regularly feature styled shoots and weddings from people we have worked with and some of our exhibitors have also been in the press and gained PR too. We always want to be loyal and strive to support you beyond the show.  


The ECO Wedding Show At Wellington Wood, Thetford Forest, Norfolk

It’s an interactive event

Our shows are more than just exhibitors having a stand each to share what they do. We want to create opportunities for exhibitors to show and share what they are about. We have workshops and talks that our couples can take part in during the show. Often couples like to see things being created or want to hear more about something so hosting a workshop at one of our shows is another amazing way to connect with potential couples and to really showcase the love and passion you have for what you do.  


These are always really popular at each of the shows and are something we get great feedback from. Hosting a workshop or a talk also means an extra bit of promotion as we really love to shout about them on social media and in our emails to brides.  We also have the Style Lounge, with models wearing wedding dresses plus makeup and hair demos. There is even a charity raffle.


We aim for our shows to feel like an experience that is fun and interactive for both the couples who attend and the exhibitors who exhibit. We want you to get the best from it and we want to support you to do just that!  



We give back

Finally, part of our mission is to support charities with our shows. We have partnered with Brides Do Good, The Red Box Charity, and CALM.



These are just a few of the reasons to exhibit with Magpie Wedding and more about the support that we give you as an exhibitor both before and after the shows. Find out more about how to book here.


Our next shows (autumn 2023) are:

🌏October 8th at Norfolk’s Wellington Wood – a stunning tipi set in the glorious Thetford Forest
🌏October 22nd at Cambridge’s Willow Grange Farm – a rustic barn with an industrial edge and stunning views
🌏November 19th at London’s Ecology Pavilion – a blank canvas eco venue in Mile End







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