Ways To Find A Great Wedding Band

Kate and Adam Beavis dancing to the Swing Ninjas at their vintage wedding

(Us dancing somewhat badly to the Swing Ninjas at our wedding)


Increasingly people are hiring a wedding band rather than opting for a DJ, especially at vintage weddings. Live music is always special, and if you hire a good band or singer, they will create a great atmosphere and you are guaranteed a reception that people will enjoy and remember.


However, that will only be the case if the band you hire can play and perform well. You need a band that can play the kind of music you and your wedding guests like and are experienced enough to tailor their playlist to include your favourites. Whatever your tastes. Of course, a vintage-style band will have its own repertoire based around the era they have embraced so bear this in mind if you want something more modern.


There are several ways to find a good band. Here are the easiest ways to do it:


Ask other people

If you are lucky friends and family can make a recommendation. Most people attend one or two weddings most years, so get to experience a lot of bands. Sometimes, wedding bands perform live elsewhere. Because most weddings take place over the weekend, some bands perform live in clubs and other venues during the week. Keep an eye on the gig lists for your area or ask any band you think you might want to use when their next live performance is.


Better still if you are at a wedding and hear a band that you like make a note of their name. If the band takes a break, you can ask them for their contact details. There really is no better way of choosing a wedding band than seeing them perform live, and seeing them perform live at a wedding.


Go online

These days most of the best wedding bands have their own websites. If you find a good one they will include several tracks that you can listen to on their website, and will also give you examples of their set lists. Some even allow you to check their availability making it easier to narrow down your options and not waste your time waiting for a reply from a band that turns out not to be available on your wedding date. Don’t forget to check out their Facebook pages for reviews as well as a YouTube channel for more live videos searching your location like Bristol wedding bands will help you locate bands nearby.


Go to a wedding fair

Many bands now find clients through wedding fairs such as ours.  If you are looking for a wedding band for hire in Leeds for example, attending wedding fairs in the local area is a good way to find one. If there is no wedding fair in your immediate area try a wedding exhibition in nearby large towns and cities. Often they are performing there too, so make sure you listen to them and catch them in between acts to discuss your needs in more detail


Don’t leave things to the last minute

A lot of couples leave booking their music until the last minute, but this is not a wise approach. Most of the best get booked up well in advance. Therefore, booking your band is not something you should leave too late. In fact, it is one of the first things you should tick off your to-do list.







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