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Pillows and Poetry Date Night Subscription box by Jus Us Box at The National Vintage Wedding Fair

Enjoy your date night with Just Us Box

Do you have date nights in your relationship? Once children come along there is a definite need to set aside time to be with your loved one, where you can concentrate on being part of a couple and having stress free fun. But what should you do after you have exhausted going out for dinner and […] Read more…

Uncommon Goods Diary- Gifts for the Groom as featured on The National Vintage Wedding Fair blog

5 Ways To Spoil Your Groom

Often in wedding planning and even on the day, the wedding is centred around the bride. In many cases she has been dreaming of this moment for a long time and has a real picture in her head of what she will look like, how it will run as well as all the lovely little […] Read more…

Vintage wedding featured on The National Vintage Wedding Fair blog red London bus

How to keep the costs down when attending a wedding

It has been well documented that weddings can be costly things, with the average cost documented last year as being £20, 983*. However, it appears the stress of  money isn’t just reserved for the bride and groom; the guests are now feeling pressured to spend money that they don’t feel they have – on presents, […] Read more…

The Gift of Wine

Weddings are the ultimate celebrations. Few other events on a social calendar conjure such excitement, sophistication and thoughtfulness which is why selecting the perfect gift for each new bride and groom is of the utmost importance.   Sure there’s the registry route with its predictable salad spinners and china place settings, but for a truly […] Read more…

Perfect vintage wedding gifts

Whilst many couples have that convenient Gift List ready to go, there is something rather impersonal about the formality of it all; ticking off the boring salt and pepper shakers before you have one too many, white bedding and even whiter cushions you know are going to get a lovely red wine spillage down them […] Read more…

Magpie Wedding


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