7 things NOT to do once you get engaged to be married

So he/she/they has popped the question and you are over the moon, all loved up and cannot wait to share the news that you are engaged with the world but before you do – have a look at our list of things you may want to consider not doing at the start of your engagement.

7 things NOT to do once you get engaged to be married


Don’t start a diet

Let’s start with the biggie – brides tell us that when they get engaged one of the first thing they think of when they get engaged, or get asked (yes really!) is “what diet are you going to go on?”. At Magpie Wedding we call bullshit to this. You do not need to lose weight, have botox, whiten your teeth unless you want to. But we reckon you don’t need to – you have just been proposed to because they love you as you are right now, this very moment. Instead of worrying about the superficial stuff, reflect on what you can do to have a healthy marriage. And enjoy the planning process without adding extra strain of changing yourself and ignore any advertising that comes your way. And on that note….

Don’t tell Facebook that you are engaged

Once you tell them your relationship status has changed you will be bombarded with adverts such as weight loss products and diets! If you want to steer clear don’t update it however it also means you won’t see any fab wedding events (including ours) so you may want to when you are ready!


Don’t buy your wedding dress straight away

You will be so excited to be engaged that you won’t be able to resist trying on dresses but be careful – as you may well change your mind. We know brides who have bought a few dresses throughout the process so we suggest you take your time with this exciting part. There is no rush we promise and it is always a good idea to choose the venue first as you may want a dress that suits the environment.


Engagement ring on BAME couple

Don’t be in too much of a hurry

Unless you set a date in three months time (we did this!) then there is no rush. Once you speak to the venue and get a date booked, you don’t need to rush around madly. Take your time, chill out and enjoy the planning – it is supposed to be fun after all. Visit a few wedding shows, read some blogs and magazines to get ideas of the type of wedding you want first.


Don’t do everything yourself

There are two people in this marriage so spend time together, choosing what type of day you want. Your partner will want to be equally involved so make the decisions together. Also it is a lovely time to spend talking to older female family members about their day – they will love to share their memories. Get the old photos out and ask questions, plus maybe you may want to tie in a family tradition or accessory into your day.


Don’t buy all the stuff!

You will amass so much stuff for your wedding, be it second hand, or new, or even free but take it slowly giving yourself time to establish what you need. If you want a mindful, ethical wedding then slow down on what you collect. Plus often venues have props such as easels or the little things that will make it look nice so don’t waste your money especially in the early stages.


7 things NOT to do once you get engaged to be married

Don’t get too stressed

This is supposed to be fun right? Take time for you, do some yoga, get some pampering and also spend time with your loved one as the wedding is only one part of your life. Delegate too – your close friends and family won’t need their arm twisting to get involved. Oh and eat cake, lots of cake!


We have teamed up with Wedding Forward who have created an awesome infographic sharing all the things you should do when you get engaged – go check it out!